Almost all electronics that communicates through wires or radio waves has a MAC-address, this is to make individual devices addressable. The MAC-address is a 48 bit address where the first 3 bytes (24 bits) is a vendor identifier (OUI) and the other 3 bytes identified the device. Often it is used as a serial number.

There is a few facilities around the Internet that resolve the OUI-part to a vendor or manufacturer, but nothing goes into depth to try to find out what kind of device a MAC-address really belongs to. We're trying to change that by mapping observed devices, some manufacturers are kind and declare it in their device string, such as the SSIDs for default configured Wifi-network routers, or string identifying Bluetooth devices.

We built an API where we try to serve the need that we have found ourselves, war-driving, war-walking and such, with most modern phones there is scanner applications to discover the unseen but present Bluetooth and Wifi-domains in your vicinity. We like to know what is around us, so we created this service.

A few examples;

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To use the API, concatenate the API base URL with the MAC-address to get a query, like

NOTICE! This "service" is experimental, which means it can come and go, or just sieze to be, without prior notice.