Hab L, Day 14

Yesterday it felt really good, after a call to a potential land lord. The place we are interested in is a old air force facility turned bed and breakfast. With 2-5 minutes walk to the bus in one direction and 10-15 minute walk to a bus in another direction. The land lord were to call

Hab L, Day 12

Got an SMS from the land lord asking if we could leave two days early, before end of contract, to humor the next tenant. With a promise that we would get money back for the two days. That creates even more of obstacles for us, as the next accommodation has not been completely specified and

Hab L, Day 8

Woke up really early due to a jumpy little boy who woke up 06:20-ish. Changes diaper and fed him and put him back to bed, went back to bed and woke up again about 2 hours later, then eating breakfast and having a cup of coffee. Lynn went to meet with new owners, they are

Hab L, Day 7

Nothing new other than that we got a definite notice yesterday, that we can not have the apartment we went to look at, the family were offered to stay for free while having it renovated by the land lord. We have only a few options left to explore. Colleagues have suggested different options, going to

Hab L, Day 5

Work as usual, different route today. Nothing much to say about that. Had some interesting discussions during lunch break with colleagues about companies surveillance of the internet, their information gathering from your online accounts and beacons, how a simple search for a particular item online resulted in advertising on Facebook. Also about hard disc recovery

Hab L, Day 3

First day back at work, felt good with a little structure again. Transports were a little wonky, colleague picked me up across town, to where I had traveled by bus – to avoid a 10 kilometer detour. Office network was wonky, just a slow crawl and some sites didn’t load at all, VPN connectivity was

Thought: A WPS-owner-upper with Tweets and Google Maps

I’ve been playing with this thought for a while, I do not have the skill set or the RaspberryPi necessary to actually put this into play. Yet. A smallish board of Raspberry (I or II+) size together with a (few) USB WiFi High Powered dongle(s) and some piece of coding, the Blackjack attack could be


Jag har slängt upp ett av mina små projekt på  /mac/ som är en tjänst som erbjuder upplösning/resolve/identifiering av olika enheter baserat på deras MAC-adress. Just nu är det mest Apple-enheter så som  iPhones, iPads, iPods och Macbooks, som idag kan identifieras men jag jobbar med att lägga till fler och bredare identifiering av andra

Geotermisk energi, varför talar ingen om den?

Såg på nyheterna härom kvällen ett inslag om danskar som bodde grannar med vindkraftparker, där tidigare ängar och hagar legat. Grannarna stördes av buller och av cykliska skuggor från vingarna. Tillbaka i studion pratade de vidare om vindkraften, någon minut ägnades åt att nämna andra förnybara energiformer, där de sist bara snuddar vid det jag