Hab B, Day 53

There is some movement in the planning of moving into the apartment; seller has stated to move out and clean the 25th September, broker is very eager to finalize and close the deal with payment. I have an appointment with the bank on the 28th. Trying to reach out to the bank to reschedule the

Hab B, Day 51

Bicycle race started at 09, we left the house at 09:15 and managed to get past the road block, went to baby stuff flea market in a part of town we hadn’t been to yet, on our way to the next way point, I discovered that our son had a tick on his forehead, went

Hab B, Day 50

Spent most of the day criss crossing town, farmers market like fair on the square and shopping to groceries in the local middle eastern shop. Tried a new restaurant and were positively surprised, it’s close to the office so there might be return visits just based on the pasta-beef dish I ate today. Yesterday was

Hab B, Day 48

Crazy at work today. Woke up at 04:10 as son decided it was a good idea to kick his dad in the face, managed to get him to sleep again, did not fall asleep myself until much later, was awaken by son again just before 06, went up and went to work. Was on call

Hab B, Day 46

This morning I met with our seller, the lady we bought the apartment from, to fetch laundry room key and some mail. She drove me down town and we talk about moving in and out from our separate perspectives, she can’t get into her new apartment because the elderly couple she bought her apartment from

Hab B, Day 45

At work I started to dig into a new technical area today, the idea is to take some load off one of our teams by teaching myself parts of a platform were most of the team members lack in knowledge. Haven’t given the move much thought, but need to get a quotation from yet another

Hab B, Day 44

Yet another trip across town, today in another direction. Visited a few stores to check them out and got some groceries. Have gotten used to living at the bed & breakfast, having to share the cramped space with another tenant, we can call her “M”, we’re getting along fine and this morning she took our

Hab B, Day 43

Today is my mothers birthday, on our way across town I called her to congratulate her and also congratulate both mom and dad on their 44th wedding anniversary. Updated them on what and how we are going to handle the move, the bank and other stuff. Across town we went to check out an Asian

Hab B, Day 42

The work week was crazy, lots to do and think about, drained when coming home in the evenings. I like it. Still looking for moving companies, the remaining two companies that I sent a request for quotation has not responded back, at all. Gonna check with the lady we bought the apartment from, as she

Unstoppable Learning

Host Guy Raz talks with TED speakers about the different ways babies and children learn — from the womb, to the playground, to the web. (Original broadcast date: May 3, 2013) * Duration: 52:23, Played: 11:01 * Published: 9/4/15 6:38:51 AM * Episode Download Link (48 MB): http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/ted/2015/09/20150903_ted_tedpod.mp3?orgId=1&d=3144&p=510298&story=434385644&t=podcast&e=434385644&ft=pod&f=510298 * Episode Feed: NPR: TED Radio Hour

Hab B, Day 40

Busy day at the office. Got yet another moving company reply today, they wanted to know more about the stuff, how many boxes, furniture and such, comes through as professional. The other two companies has not been heard from, think I already have an idea about which company to choose. Have an appointment with bank

Hab B, Day 39

Crazy busy day at work today, participated in TeamSkills events throughout the day, fun and interesting. Started preparing a virtual machine to work with another customer, struggled to get the damn thing to pull updates, 5 minutes before leaving I managed to get it going, then paused it to continue tomorrow. Got reply from moving

Hab B, Day 38

Busy day at office, felt feverish all day, hot, cold and slight nausea. Went through the day anyway, feeling all weird, aching joints, feet and hips. Probably a prelude to getting sick. Habitat B feels a bit like home now, getting used to the walk in the morning, the wonky bed and sleeping besides son.

Hab X, Day 36

In a hotel in town since yesterday evening, same hotel as before but in a different, smaller room. Last time, the room were one bigger room with a balcony towards one of the busy streets below, now we have windows facing the other direction, inwards to a yard or parking lot in between the houses.