Hab X, Day 30

Yay! We left Habitat L this afternoon, without problems. We are officially part of the Västerås population. Now we are at an alternative accommodation after spending the afternoon with my dad, our stuff dropped off at Habitat B. Habitat X is a hotel in central Västerås and I have less than 300 meter to the

Hab L, Day 29

Today we visited the Thai festival at Strömsholmen in Eskilstuna, where the local Buddhist temple arranged the festivities. Food, beverages, candy and fruit. Lots of smiles. Met a few friends which I didn’t knew they had Thai girlfriends or wifes, fun and such. Last night in Eskilstuna, tomorrow we check out from Habitat L, with

Hab L, Day 27

Was away on conference during the day, went home after all the days activities were done, all colleagues were staying and have a really interesting event tonight, a NASA-led event where real-time stream of data is visualized inside a large dome at the Swedish Visualizing Center in Norrköping. Tonight I paid for the stay at

Hab L, Day 25

Crazy day at the office, a whole months meeting quota in just two days and the week isn’t even over yet. The accommodation situation is looking bright, nailed down a few more details and have pretty much decided that this one is the one. A smallish house in a Bed & Breakfast setting where we

Hab L, Day 23

Spent most of the day out at my parents place, BBQ and lots of talk. Son had a blast, running around naked and running through sprinkler and having a bath in a small tub in the garden. Back at home/HabL, we gave son a quick bath, fed him gruel and put to bed, he was

Hab L, Day 21

Colleagues were surprised that we still hadn’t found any accommodation yet during the break fast at the office. Spent pretty much half day in meetings, 3 before lunch. Need to reevaluate the two alternatives we have now, need to decide and pick one of them, sign on. Also need to continue the bank thingies to

Hab L, Day 20

Work was intense, weekly meeting over video conference system and Skype and research stuff to solve problems. On my way to the train home, I took a little detour, to the hotel we were looking at for accommodation, checked availability and also checked the room, looked petty much ok. Told the guy I needed to

Hab L, Day 19

Overslept this morning but were able to catch the train and arrive to the office in time. But needed coffee throughout the day, I think I had 6 or 8 cups .. or rather large mugs of coffee. The accommodation situation hasn’t changed much, thinking about dropping one of the alternatives, as it is cramped

Hab L, Day 18

Work was fun, did away with lots of incidents and closed low for the month. Good thing. Son is a handful, when I came home he was cheerful and happy, about half an hour later he was crying for nothing, law of least resistance, dropped his blanket, cry, removed his shoes, cry. You get it.

Hab L, Day 16

Today was kind of slow, walked to town and strolled around for a bit, picked up some items that we needed. Son is cranky with fever and tonight he was really hot, found a tub in the laundry room which we nicked (temporarily) and used to give him a batch to cool him off before

Hab L, Day 14

Yesterday it felt really good, after a call to a potential land lord. The place we are interested in is a old air force facility turned bed and breakfast. With 2-5 minutes walk to the bus in one direction and 10-15 minute walk to a bus in another direction. The land lord were to call

Hab L, Day 12

Got an SMS from the land lord asking if we could leave two days early, before end of contract, to humor the next tenant. With a promise that we would get money back for the two days. That creates even more of obstacles for us, as the next accommodation has not been completely specified and

Hab L, Day 8

Woke up really early due to a jumpy little boy who woke up 06:20-ish. Changes diaper and fed him and put him back to bed, went back to bed and woke up again about 2 hours later, then eating breakfast and having a cup of coffee. Lynn went to meet with new owners, they are

Hab L, Day 7

Nothing new other than that we got a definite notice yesterday, that we can not have the apartment we went to look at, the family were offered to stay for free while having it renovated by the land lord. We have only a few options left to explore. Colleagues have suggested different options, going to

Hab L, Day 5

Work as usual, different route today. Nothing much to say about that. Had some interesting discussions during lunch break with colleagues about companies surveillance of the internet, their information gathering from your online accounts and beacons, how a simple search for a particular item online resulted in advertising on Facebook. Also about hard disc recovery