Improbinator – My first ESPduino project

I committed my first ESPduino project to Github the other day, ESPduino – Improbinator. ESPduino – Improbinator – Flood of faked 802.11 Probe Request Frames Background: Living in a town with about 20 wifi-probes mounted on walls in the city center, which collects 802.11 Probe Request frames to measure and map visitor flows through the

Thought: A WPS-owner-upper with Tweets and Google Maps

I’ve been playing with this thought for a while, I do not have the skill set or the RaspberryPi necessary to actually put this into play. Yet. A smallish board of Raspberry (I or II+) size together with a (few) USB WiFi High Powered dongle(s) and some piece of coding, the Blackjack attack could be

Min första tradera auktion

Eftersom traderas SEO verkar suga hårt, medvetet dåligt eller omedvetet, oklart vilket så skulle jag ändå vilja få in lite fler besökare på objektet jag säljer åt en vän… Gakken – Fishing – LCD – 1981 – VERY RARE! som jag hittills bara fått ett enda bud på.. spelet är jättefint men otestat och original-karton