Four weeks in Thailand

(This post has been marinating for a while and I thought I should post it before next trip.) Yeah, we went four weeks to Thailand in january-february of 2017. Lynn bought tickets in September or October last year, Qatar Airways, for the period of January 10th to February 9th. The flight had a stop-over in

Unstoppable Learning

Host Guy Raz talks with TED speakers about the different ways babies and children learn — from the womb, to the playground, to the web. (Original broadcast date: May 3, 2013) * Duration: 52:23, Played: 11:01 * Published: 9/4/15 6:38:51 AM * Episode Download Link (48 MB): * Episode Feed: NPR: TED Radio Hour

Thought: A WPS-owner-upper with Tweets and Google Maps

I’ve been playing with this thought for a while, I do not have the skill set or the RaspberryPi necessary to actually put this into play. Yet. A smallish board of Raspberry (I or II+) size together with a (few) USB WiFi High Powered dongle(s) and some piece of coding, the Blackjack attack could be

Thoughts about distributed DNS

I’ll start off by saying that I ran two BIND9 DNS servers for about 5 year, in a master/slave configuration where the slave mirrored the master through zone transfers for about 200-250 domains. So, I’ve got some basic knowledge about the DNS system. Peter Sunde (“Brokep”) posted somthing about distributed DNS on his blog twitter