My music library

I have almost completely dropped Spotify, as I find them too narrow and they only supply main stream releases from big labels. As a previously avid vinyl and CD collector, I turned to Google Music where I can upload my own stuff, ripped CDs, stuff that I own.

As an effort this last couple of months, I’ve been re-ripping CDs as I want them in good or better quality, good enough anyway, 320Kbit/s Constant Bitrate at minimum. Some of my CDs are quite rare as they might be bootlegs, unreleased, unofficial or limited editions and I started googling for track lists and release year, I discovered and signed up for an account, started to enter my CDs and other material into an online collection, on display here ..

With all this music that I own, I can stream it to my phone or to the Sonos system I got at home or cast it to any Chromecast .. all 8000+ songs. I still haven’t run into any limitations yet, some hundreds of gigabytes later..

You can also look at my profile see what I listen to,