Four weeks in Thailand

(This post has been marinating for a while and I thought I should post it before next trip.)

Yeah, we went four weeks to Thailand in january-february of 2017.
Lynn bought tickets in September or October last year, Qatar Airways, for the period of January 10th to February 9th. The flight had a stop-over in Doha, Qatar which is a huge airport, luckily we had a 3 hour gap between flights, change of jeans to shorts as weather in Sweden was about -10°C and Doha was about +20°C, running from one end to another of the gigantic airport.

Arrived to Bangkok and had to fetch our baggage as the staff at ARN Arlanda Airport (Stockholm, Sweden) were lazy to not check our luggage all the way through to CNX Chiang Mai, Thailand .. so we had to transport our stuff through the airport and drop it off at the baggage drop for the last leg of the journey. There were slight rain in Chiang Mai that evening, lasted for a few hours. This was also all the rain we got.

We stayed at Lynn’s family in a small village, hung out with family, friends and neighbors. Acclimatizing to the blasting sun, +33°C in the shadows. I was somewhat lagged and were usually woken up by crowing roosters at 4 or 5 in the mornings ..

Chiang Mai was very nice and we spend several days just walking around, our hotel were located close to Tae Pae Gate and most walks originated from there, some days we took the Rot Daeng, the red cabs that circles around. Went to Elephant Nature Park where we spent some time walking around the premises with a guide, feeding, cuddling and bathing elephants of all sizes.

A few days in Bangkok were we met up with friends, hung out at the gigantic aquarium at Siam Paragon, the SEA Life Ocean World where there is crazy huge aquariums and where you could pet the fish and turtles.

We traveled further east and got to Mae Phim, a cute little village next to the beach, found this place through a colleague who had been there and recommended it. It was a bit crowded at first but as Chinese New Year celebrations ended, we were almost alone with 5 kilometers of beach, to ourselves in the early mornings. Give the Sunee Resort a try if you get to Mae Phim!

Traveled back towards Chiang Mai through Pattaya, U-Tapao airport for an hour long flight north, spent a few more days enjoying the quiet village-life and went to local markets, finding all the good stuff, Moo-Ping and fresh Pineapple, which was my primary diet, meat and fruit. Lost some 6 kilos in 4 weeks.

The last day we gathered all our winter gear, packed our bags and extras, Lynn were going to bring back almost 30 kilos of spices and food items. The whole family followed us to the airport and waved us off. A bit of a sad moment, but we’ve had so much fun. Arriving to Bangkok, warm night, moving slowly towards the international terminal and finally boarding, starting the journey towards the grim north, negative degrees Celsius wasn’t all that fun.

Doha was crowded as last time, now evening, bought tooth paste in a small store and our whole family enjoyed a moment of brushing after having all the toiletries checked in since Bangkok. Last leg was mostly a blur, slept some, listened to audiobooks. When we touched down again at Arlanda the trip was officially over.

We used priority boarding extensively on all flights to get on board ahead of people, most people isn’t aware of this fact that when you have small children you can board together with business class and such.

All in all, 8 flights, some 23 hours in the air, new glasses, slightly smaller and flatter belly and a deep tan.

As we set foot on Swedish soil, we had already started planning the next trip.