Wifi Pineapple Mark II

I connected my Wifi Pineapple Mark II to the network and googled some for password recovery as I had not been able to log into the box, I bought it second hand and wanted to explore, but there was no documentation available as much of the documentation had been updated to reflect modern versions of the Pineapple.

I managed to get in .. but then it timed out, I don’t know why yet.

I was playing with the idea of porting the Improbinator script I wrote for the ESPduino to emulate lots of devices, spraying the air with probe frame requests, but I need to get into the box first and get a foot hold.

Fun thing: colleagues talked about somebody at the office planned to hold a session, discussing Wifi and security .. I’d like to show up with a Mark II and Mark V and explain what Improbinator does and Karma on the V.