Makerspace Västerås

Yesterday I did something I’ve been thinking about a lot the last couple of months, I started the Facebook group Makerspace Västerås to have a discussion platform for the possible creation of an actual makerspace in Västerås.
Now, some 30 hours later, there is about 35 members and we have discussions about the vision, I described my vision to get discussions going.

I’d really like to have access to a local makerspace, furnished with equipment and people with knowledge of how to use the equipment.

The information about what makerspaces are date the start of makerspaces to around 1995.

A few friends and I rented a basement in a regular apartment building and started programming, building and hacking devices in mid 1993, just among friends. When we shut it down a few years later, mid 1997, we counted in about 50 friends and probably as many that just came along with them. At the time we were just kids with soldering irons and assembly language on the screens, running BBSes (plural) from the basement, we had no jobs but we spent time and collaborated on pretty much everything, many of us have massively technical jobs today.

I’d like to bring my son to a functional makerspace, to teach him how to repair stuff, to repurpose things, basically to hack his world. I like the idea and would love to see it become a reality.