The move, in hindsight

Today it is a year since we packed up our home in boxes, shipped them off to storage and left for a two month journey towards our destination.

We have landed, unpacked, furnished and decorated our new home, in another city. Our way here was not a walk in the park, it was uphill struggle to keep sane, to not go completely bonkers and just endure. Our two year old son wasn’t all that happy but adapted when he saw us adapt to new surroundings and situations.

I kept blogging to keep sane and also to scribble down thoughts and daily progress. Some entries are short, others are a bit more meaty.

In chronological order, from beginning to end. (Use Ctrl-click to open each post in a new tab)
2015-07-30: We are leaving Home Base B19
2015-08-01: First day at Habitat L
2015-08-03: Hab L, Day 3
2015-08-04: Hab L, Day 4
2015-08-05: Hab L, Day 5
2015-08-07: Hab L, Day 7
2015-08-08: Hab L, Day 8
2015-08-12: Hab L, Day 12
2015-08-14: Hab L, Day 14
2015-08-16: Hab L, Day 16
2015-08-18: Hab L, Day 18
2015-08-19: Hab L, Day 19
2015-08-20: Hab L, Day 20
2015-08-21: Hab L, Day 21
2015-08-23: Hab L, Day 23
2015-08-25: Hab L, Day 25
2015-08-27: Hab L, Day 27
2015-08-29: Hab L, Day 29
2015-08-30: Hab X, Day 30
2015-08-31: Hab X, Day 31
2015-09-01: Hab B, Day 32
2015-09-02: Hab B, Day 33
2015-09-03: Hab B, Day 34
2015-09-05: Hab X, Day 36
2015-09-06: Hab B, Day 37
2015-09-07: Hab B, Day 38
2015-09-08: Hab B, Day 39
2015-09-09: Hab B, Day 40
2015-09-11: Hab B, Day 42
2015-09-12: Hab B, Day 43
2015-09-13: Hab B, Day 44
2015-09-14: Hab B, Day 45
2015-09-15: Hab B, Day 46
2015-09-17: Hab B, Day 48
2015-09-19: Hab B, Day 50
2015-09-20: Hab B, Day 51
2015-09-22: Hab B, Day 53
2015-09-24: Hab B, Day 55
2015-09-26: Hab B, Day 57
2015-09-28: Home base FLV5, Day 58
2015-09-30: The long journey is over

As predicted, I said before we took off onto this journey that “in a year or two, we’re gonna laugh at this madness” … and we do. This is one of the most crazy and slightly mental projects I have ever participated in, go live in a knapsack for almost two full months with a toddler and emerge alive from it.

Friends followed these almost daily blog posts, to keep up with what was going on, others who heard about this have read these entries and came back with a deeper understanding about how and what went on. Please comment.