The long journey is over

We have landed, moved in and have started to build and form our new home. Some furniture is scattered around the apartment as we had to ditch and throw most of what we had due to time and space constraints when evacuating the house in end of July. We have a few essential items though, beds for everyone, kitchen table, two bookshelves and a desk, some cooking equipment but no plates or deep dishes, which makes meals a bit of an adventure.

I’ve just shared a long list of items to look for and get for the apartment, things like vacuum cleaner, rugs, cleaning equipment and light armatures. When we moved in, the previous owner had taken down and brought with them all but one ceiling electrical box lids with connectors, been through a few stores looking for this type of lid, hearing that they stopped carrying this particular type a few years ago, I’ve seen the correct type, I held it, sniffed it but could not justify 175 SEK each for myself, similar lids though not exactly like the one I’m looking for is about 35 SEK.

It feels so good to know that we are going to stay, that we don’t need to pack everything up and move to yet a temporary accommodation, we are done with that part. I heard someone say that a hotel stay would be fun and nice, I’m f’ing bored with it, the only positive with staying at a hotel is clean towels whenever you want and perhaps no-effort breakfasts, all served. But still, boring.

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, looking around, listening, can’t hear any neighbors, no sounds from the yard between the houses, just the low hum of the ventilation system. Thinking about the last two months, the struggle, how we kept ourselves sane by thinking ahead of what would come, how to juggle everything and make the pieces fit in our puzzle. The biggest scare was when the shower wall broke and I saw for my inner self that the land lord would charge us a hefty amount for it and felt really bad, it could have shot down our budget completely, but instead they trusted us and thought it might have been installed incorrectly. Another moment was when I helped M come to terms with her computer, gave her a few nifty tips on how to do stuff and helped restore and backup “lost” pictures, she was really happy when she understood that her pictures from her computer were accessible in her phone and all pictures she shoot will be saved online, even told her that she could lose both computer and phone and the pictures would still be safe.

The journey was long but we came home, a new home.