Home base FLV5, Day 58

Touch down!
Today we moved in. The moving company called just before 11 when I was at work and I went down to the entrance to meet them, hand over keys and instructions. I left the office at about 12, met with wife in the apartment and the went to fetch our last remaining items from Habitat B. Got there and gathered our stuff, with help from our cohabitant we got the stuff transported to the apartment.

Out of about 40 boxes, we have killed about 8 this far, beds and kitchen table assembled and temporary light fixtures are up.

Unpacking after two months is a bit like Christmas, open a box and find stuff you need, that was almost forgotten.

Noticed lots of small stuff missing, started lists of things to get.

Long day, woke up at Habitat B, went to work, go to Home Base FLV5, go to Habitat B and back, unpack and shuffle things around. Now in bed, sore feet but happy, we have landed.