Hab B, Day 55

Today we signed all the papers.

We finalized the papers with the broker and as soon the seller has signed, the papers are going to the bank for processing, settling the deal.

At the bank we signed yet more paperwork to finalize the loan, prepare everything for tomorrow, when the signed contract arrives.

In the end, we are going to get the keys to our new apartment at earliest tomorrow evening or Saturday, when the seller has moved out and the apartment has been cleaned.

Talked to parents and invited them to come and check out the apartment after we have moved in, that would be anytime after Monday lunch, as that was the the first possible slot we could get with the moving company. Stuff stored at parents place could be moved as soon as next weekend, servers, bicycles and pram among things.

Our Internet’s will be up and running from day one as we arranged with the ISP to have it connected as soon as previous habitant is disconnected. We even have the intarwebs router waiting on location, since we visited earlier in the summer.

It’s gonna be nice to have our own space again, living in a knapsack since beginning of August in 4 different locations, shelling out something in the neighborhood of 20000 SEK for just housing and accommodation, other costs increased as well because of not being able to cook and freeze or even stuff ingredients into freezer.

We iz happsy!