Hab B, Day 50

Spent most of the day criss crossing town, farmers market like fair on the square and shopping to groceries in the local middle eastern shop. Tried a new restaurant and were positively surprised, it’s close to the office so there might be return visits just based on the pasta-beef dish I ate today.

Yesterday was a bit calmer at the office, thursday was busy busy as there was more or less chaos and I had to work overtime to solve a problem, resending messages that got messed up, left the office after 7 in the evening.

Tomorrow they are gonna shut down the road outside at 09, so we need to leave before that, some kind of bicycle race or similar. It’s gonna be closed to 16 so we need to keep ourselves busy until then. The mission is to get across town, to a neighborhood we haven’t been to yet, to buy some stuff for the son and then back to the town. After that we have nothing planned.

Also, the broker have indicated that our seller is possibly moving out earlier, nothing we have heard directly from her, but that revokes pretty much all previous planning about the moving day. New round of planning and trying to get the schedule to fit without overlap or gaps.