Hab B, Day 43

Today is my mothers birthday, on our way across town I called her to congratulate her and also congratulate both mom and dad on their 44th wedding anniversary.

Updated them on what and how we are going to handle the move, the bank and other stuff.

Across town we went to check out an Asian shop, to our surprise it was really good, wide assortment of known products and low to moderate prices. Had lunch and went on the shop for groceries and then found a low budget thingy store, left with fly swatters and hand wash detergent. Probably a return visit, to most of the places.

When thinking about it, I do not miss Eskilstuna, at all. Not on any plane, not the city. I miss friends.
As we have been living in Västerås for a few weeks, I have come to like the city more and more, sure it has it’s quirks but so does all cities. One of our reactions just a few days into living in Västerås were “Why they fuck didn’t we do this earlier?” and that still stands, should have moved earlier.