Hab B, Day 42

The work week was crazy, lots to do and think about, drained when coming home in the evenings. I like it.

Still looking for moving companies, the remaining two companies that I sent a request for quotation has not responded back, at all. Gonna check with the lady we bought the apartment from, as she hired a company to move all her stuff and also clean the apartment, maybe they can offer us a good price and we don’t need to synchronize with with another moving company — they could move our stuff in as soon as they were done cleaning… is my thoughts.

Tomorrow we’re going across city to explore and evaluate the last Asian shop of many in town, wife has been through all of them, checking them out. One without price tagged items where the price is disclosed as items are being punched into the cash register, another where prices on items seem to have been multiplied with 1.5, 2 or 3 or as I expressed it when I heard about the price levels, “WTF?!”. Otherwise they were stocked with were few items or were stocked with items from a single country, lack of diversity.