Hab B, Day 37

Back at Habitat B, were welcomed by owner and tenant. On our way here we swung by a grocery store and got some necessities, food stuffs and diapers.

We totally missed out on gruel, last bottle were just served and one of us have to bicycle to a nearby store, as the evening feeding would be a scream fest without it. The same for tomorrow morning.

Checking out of Habitat X was a breeze, the not so fun part was to carry everything we brought for the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Hab B, Day 37

  1. Vilken resa! Snart får ni flytta in i eran nya lya. Ser fram emot att hälsa på sen!

    1. Haha, ja det har varit en ordentlig resa och än har vi inte landat. Skall bli skönt att få ha något eget när vi flyttat in.
      Ser fram emot besök! Ha det gos!

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