Hab B, Day 33

Busy day at the office, met wife and son for lunch. Late afternoon I started scripting and lost track of time and left the office about 45 minutes late. Clocked my walk back to Habitat B from the bus stop, pretty much the same time as this morning, 12 – 15 minutes walk.

Followed up a tip we got from the broker, but as expected the accommodation were only available to friends and families of the condominium association members, but for 300 SEK/day it was worth following up. The search continues.

Son’s first day of introduction at daycare center, only a few hours, came home completely pooped, drained of energy. I think he liked it, report from wife suggest that he had a blast, new surroundings and new friends.

As we don’t have access to laundry facilities at Habitat B, we are looking for alternative accommodation, we might have found a workaround; using the laundry room in the house we are waiting to move into – ask the lady we bought the condo from if we could use the laundry room and yes, we can. The quirk is that one of us has to do laundry while the other stays with the son, entertaining and feeding him.