Happy 300

Yes, I’ve written 300 posts. This is the 300th post and the first was written back in May 2008. In the beginning I wrote mostly in Swedish but since most people on the intarwebs do not understand the language it is better to write in English, which at least many more understand.

Some posts has been marinating as drafts for months or even years, stuff that I wanted to think through and circle back to a few times before posting them, other posts has been written in frenzy and posted minutes after being done or having THAT thought I needed to formulate in words.

I’ve had a few blogs through the years, the first one was just flat html, later on I was an early adopter of LiveJournal and are still holding a permanent account there, I held a blog under pseudonym, wrote about my current job situation under a faked name as I could not do it under my real name. Tried different blogging platforms until I stumbled upon WordPress and got stuck. It works.

I enjoy writing, dumping, describing and formulating thoughts and opinions.