Hab X, Day 31

Back to work and first day as a Västerås city dweller, feels good and we are enjoying the city, but we are living in a smallish hotel room all three of us, son is not always happy with the cramped conditions. The room is pretty much a few square meters of naked floor, small couch (from where I write this), a wall hanged desk, a tv and two regular sized beds, son sleeps in a travel baby bed, we also have a nice large balcony with view of a central street below and the entrance of a shopping center across the street.

Tomorrow afternoon we can check in at Habitat B, where we can stay til Friday afternoon as it had been booked, we either go back to Habitat X or go to a yet unknown location to stay over the weekend, after the weekend we can move back to Habitat B and stay for the reminder of the month.

Tomorrow is also introduction day for our son at his new daycare center, it’s located about 200 meters from our (future) Home Base FLV5. We both need to attend as it is introduction for us as well for the son, to get to know the staff and they get to know us.