Hab X, Day 30

Yay! We left Habitat L this afternoon, without problems. We are officially part of the Västerås population.

Now we are at an alternative accommodation after spending the afternoon with my dad, our stuff dropped off at Habitat B. Habitat X is a hotel in central Västerås and I have less than 300 meter to the office.

Woke up well before 06 this morning, putting stuff in order and packing backpacks, bags and boxes. Went into to town far too early, stores didn’t open until 12 and we had to wait, spent time waiting through a visit at McDonkeys to feed the son. Got the stuff and then went home. Met with land lord and returned the keys after a tour around the rooms to check for broken or missing things, nothing broken or missing besides the things we had reported as such, the shower wall, which they thought were installation error, tightened screws too much or something.