Hab L, Day 4

Another day at work, forgot lunchbox and had the “misfortune” to go fetch sushi, the regular sushi place had changed owner and changed name from Sushi Queen to Sushi Heaven. Still good sushi. Yum.

Son was happy but tired when I came to the hab, daycare really drains him of energy which is good, some days when we just hang out indoors for lack of good weather, we really need to go out, promenade or just visit the nearest play ground, to drain his energy. Put to bed he got quiet and fell a sleep within 10 minutes.

Funny thing of the day; I heard from former colleagues things about other former colleagues, without naming names and pointing fingers, karma is a bitch.

Still searching for hab in Västerås for September, informed colleagues during lunch, none of them had anything but said they would check with families and friends, we have a few options but they aren’t all that good, a long stay hotel with a fair rate for a month .. but with clientele, I’m not sure I want to expose my family to that, for me personally it would be a breeze, already set the low mark with stay at low budget hotel in Kaunas in Lithuania, anything with higher standard than that would be easy-peasy. Another one is a small cottage with a pantry, toilets and showers out in a small hut in the yard, the location is a bit off though, requires a 3 kilometer walk to catch the bus, which would be good sunny days .. but would be a pain in the ass rainy days. We are quite positive the problem will be solved by the time when we have to move to the next hab. I have even taken into account that we might need to stay at hotel for a few nights but longer than that would break the budget.