Hab L, Day 3

First day back at work, felt good with a little structure again. Transports were a little wonky, colleague picked me up across town, to where I had traveled by bus – to avoid a 10 kilometer detour. Office network was wonky, just a slow crawl and some sites didn’t load at all, VPN connectivity was non-existent.

Leaving and fetching son had been a breeze, we were not sure about if the daycare would actually be open today but they were and son enjoyed hanging out with his friends. Really tired little boy when I came home, applying food and a shower and put to bed. Slept within 10 minutes.

Found an RJ-45 jack in the hab, remembered I had stuffed a router in a backpack while packing our go-bags, connected it and got an IP .. but could not get any further. I do not know what kind of network it is, got 10.x.x.x which is private addresses for LAN, scanned for gateways and services and found a couple of routers. Got nothing.

Thinking about checking if neighbors has weak passwords .. or WPS enabled. Using the USB-cable to charge my headset at the moment but as soon as it is fully charged, I can use the cable to hook up the high powered WIFI dongle, to find out what’s in the surroundings.

Continuing search for hab for September, as we are expecting the arrangement we had in our hands to go away. Found a few that were asking for fantasy prices, close to imaginary numbers, we still have a few to check out and new ones might show up as we go.

Wife made simple dinner, pasta with bits of bacon and cream sauce, nomz for the boy and nomz for the father, even got left overs for lunchbox.

Too early to say anything about life in the hab, as we only had a few days this far. Maybe we have made up our minds and formed opinions after a week or more, it’s small and some things are a bit quirky but nothing really bad.