Hab L, Day 29

Today we visited the Thai festival at Strömsholmen in Eskilstuna, where the local Buddhist temple arranged the festivities. Food, beverages, candy and fruit. Lots of smiles. Met a few friends which I didn’t knew they had Thai girlfriends or wifes, fun and such.

Last night in Eskilstuna, tomorrow we check out from Habitat L, with or without extra fees or restoration costs. After checkout we’re going to Västerås, to Habitat B, to dump/store some of our bags and boxes, then transport to Habitat X, a hotel where we need to stay before our room becomes available at Hab B the 1st of September. The weekend 4 to 6 September we need to go back to Hab X to spend the weekend away from Hab B, as it was booked since before, everything is booked that weekend in Västerås, as there is some convention, conference or similar going on that weekend. After that weekend there is no deviations from the path towards our new home base FLV5.

Got a call from new owners of home base B19, we got mail so we’re going to meet up tomorrow to get it.

So our last month living in a knapsack has been solved, accommodation-wise, as it looks right now. We busted the budget, exceeded the accommodation budget as we hadn’t expected to stay at hotel, but costs are within reasonable boundaries.

Pinged land lord to get an idea about how and when he would show up tomorrow, to plan the events of tomorrow and when to exit Eskilstuna.