Hab L, Day 27

Was away on conference during the day, went home after all the days activities were done, all colleagues were staying and have a really interesting event tonight, a NASA-led event where real-time stream of data is visualized inside a large dome at the Swedish Visualizing Center in Norrköping.

Tonight I paid for the stay at the next Hab, Habitat B, that will be our home for next month, with a few quirks. There will be a gap between the current one and the next, some 3 days where we will be forced to find yet some other accommodation. A few days later we have to repeat the procedure because of the rooms are already booked by someone else, a total of 5 days on alternative accommodation. It’s gonna be an extra cost and will exceed our budget slightly but Hab B will be close to daycare and public transportation.

We have not solved the puzzle with the alternative accommodation yet, but are looking into hotels and thinking package deal, 5 days split in two.