Hab L, Day 25

Crazy day at the office, a whole months meeting quota in just two days and the week isn’t even over yet.

The accommodation situation is looking bright, nailed down a few more details and have pretty much decided that this one is the one.

A smallish house in a Bed & Breakfast setting where we have two rooms, regular beds (aside from bunk beds) and access to bicycles (where one has a child saddle mounted on) and located just a few kilometers from the preschool/daycare center our son is attending.

One thing worries me a little, the shower wall door thingy, each door is about 3000 SEK and I don’t know how to tell the land lord.

Another thing that worries me, but is just a speed bump on our way towards the destination is a slight gap between accommodations, two days where we have to find something completely else as the B&B place were fully booked. Probably we end up at some hotel, but we still don’t know.