Hab L, Day 20

Work was intense, weekly meeting over video conference system and Skype and research stuff to solve problems.

On my way to the train home, I took a little detour, to the hotel we were looking at for accommodation, checked availability and also checked the room, looked petty much ok. Told the guy I needed to discuss it with my wife, but already knew that at least one essential part was missing, a kitchen, no matter how small we need a kitchen, our budget does not cover eating out every day.

Called the lady I spoke to yesterday, the one with a friend who might have an apartment to sublet to us for a month, she said that the friend had promised someone else the apartment. The call ended after about half a minute.

We still have an alternative, our fallback alternative, a smallish apartment with a kitchenette, the bare minimum met. The downside is the price, it exceeds our accommodation budget and cuts a big chunk out of the food budget.

Next week we’re going off site with the job, for conference. I’m not sure how to handle that yet, as I do not want to be away over night and I didn’t pack any nice clothes, only regular work and every day clothes. I will probably just tag along for the day and go home by train in the evening and work at the office the day after.