Hab L, Day 19

Overslept this morning but were able to catch the train and arrive to the office in time. But needed coffee throughout the day, I think I had 6 or 8 cups .. or rather large mugs of coffee.

The accommodation situation hasn’t changed much, thinking about dropping one of the alternatives, as it is cramped for space, estimated the bedroom to be less than 14 square meters and the rest of the cottage to be another 20 square meters at most. On top of that, bunk beds. Just no.

Called on an advert for rental of a house, nowhere it said it was for a full year, I explained what we were looking for and just maybe the lady had a friend who might help us by sub letting a 100 square meter apartment for a month – gonna call back tomorrow to find out if it is available.

I need to call to the other alternatives to make sure their offers are still on and check what kind of rooms and size we’re gonna get.