Hab L, Day 16

Today was kind of slow, walked to town and strolled around for a bit, picked up some items that we needed. Son is cranky with fever and tonight he was really hot, found a tub in the laundry room which we nicked (temporarily) and used to give him a batch to cool him off before going to bed. Warm and cosy water, I suddenly see bubbles .. and a gigantic turd. Pulled him out and fished out the turd, dumped the water and scrubbed the tub and rinsed it, refilled and put him back.

We have been discussing the options and opinions we have about the accommodations, each accommodation has its pros and cons. Some are quirky, others are cramped for space, the best we have found yet is the one we are currently at, HabL, so at the moment we are thinking hard and long, hoping for something else to surface, or we have to settle with an accommodation that will just barely work.

We visited one potential accommodation yesterday, in Västerås, or to be more correct, the outskirts of Västerås. Really nice place and it would be a breeze to stay there, unless we had a child. Newly renovated and restored military barrack, with bunk beds and lots of military and civil aviation paraphernalia decorating the walls. Shoe line at the door and really nice common areas. We were looking for something with self-catering, with access to a kitchen for regular cooking, everything you’d expect when subletting a furnished apartment. No self-catering/kitchen access and bunk beds made it a non-alternative. Unfortunately.