Hab L, Day 14

Yesterday it felt really good, after a call to a potential land lord. The place we are interested in is a old air force facility turned bed and breakfast. With 2-5 minutes walk to the bus in one direction and 10-15 minute walk to a bus in another direction. The land lord were to call back today with his calculations, we were promised half the regular price which puts it in the “budget-range”, of course some things are stripped out to make our stay cheaper, like internet and breakfasts – which we will provide for ourselves. Another thing is the laundry machine, where we have to pay a smallish amount to use it each time.

Unfortunately he haven’t called yet, the number I got is for a landline phone, so if he isn’t around I won’t be able to reach him, left a message on the answering machine.

The guy that is renting HabL after us want us to leave early, as in two days early, called him yesterday to explain why we can not leave early, I think he got it but he was still interested, so if we find a place and we can leave early, he’d pay us for the remaining days. That would be peanuts, but I’m hoping we could get going early, more time to install ourselves in the new Hab and explore the surroundings and communications.

As we would live close to an aero plane museum, I think my father would be interested in seeing the planes, I’ve seen them once already and there is much fun there, flight simulators and a mix of civil and military airships, american, swedish and russian.

I think we have done about a quarter of this nomadic episode, 25% completion.