Hab L, Day 12

Got an SMS from the land lord asking if we could leave two days early, before end of contract, to humor the next tenant. With a promise that we would get money back for the two days. That creates even more of obstacles for us, as the next accommodation has not been completely specified and fixated yet, in fact we have been hunting down even the most vague and abstract kinds of accommodations in and around Västerås. We are most probably going to refuse to leave early, if by miracle a new and unknown accommodation would surface and it seems to be good and to our specifications, then maybe we could leave early.

Thought earlier today that I might get a few hours on the couch this evening to code a little, as I haven’t written a line of code since we moved, my servers where code and databases reside are in storage and not available. But no. Have ideas I want to try.

I have been thinking about how and what I would need to get when getting decent broadband, 100/100Mbps but 250/250Mbps the first three months, could be used for; at least two TOR-relays made from Raspberry Pi’s and possibly yet another two if the first two is not enough to run some internal services, worker clients for some jobs that needs some horse power. Otherwise I have two VPN boxes I want to set up and send one off to my brother, so we can have an open connection between our networks over the internet, including to have a few NAS boxes, my own and host my brothers and the same set up at his place, we would both have off-site storage but under each others control.