First day at Habitat L

Last night we arrived to Habitat L, tired and bruised from carrying boxes and trash. We pretty much defragmented and compressed our belongings from 120 square meters into 12 square meters, the 12 square meters are the storage unit we rented to hold our stuff until we can move in at the new Home base FLV5.

HabL is about 40 square meters, furniture, kitchen, couch and a small TV, enough to get by for a month. Nothing fancy, just somewhere to sleep pretty much.

Handed over keys for Home base B19 to new owners today, took a few hours before first call, as expected .. complaints about the cleaning, but I told them they got a very good deal for the house, we met their demand for earlier (than originally negotiated) access and we even told them that we would just do light cleaning as in sweeping floors and do bathroom and toilets, as they said that they would do renovation.

Yesterday we went to trash everything that didn’t made it in the runs for the storage unit, two runs for storage unit and two to the junkyard, I trashed lots of things I’d like to keep but we had no time or place for the things. Slight helplessness and depression, valued belongings got tossed, feeling naked.

HabL is ok, but I already found a few thing I’m gonna suggest for the land lord to fix and/or adjust. Bathroom shower floor has the wrong slope, or lack of slope of the tile floor, newly renovated so it will probably not be fixed any time soon – a squeege to vacate the water on the floor after showering. The fridge is bubbling quite loudly and the fridge compressor is loud too. That is about it for now.

Tonight we also got notice from the potential habitat we scouted earlier, they got notice from land lords that they wanted to renovate the apartment while the family stays in the apartment, by that the window closes for us as we would sublet their apartment after they moved out where they would end up with double rent for a month.

Yet another potential habitat just backed out of negotiations, they wanted monthly rent + (2 * rent) for deposition (the total amount surpassed a regular persons monthly salary), informed them that deposition is sneaky and cheap as we rented an apartment without deposition but had a clause in the contract stipulating the rules for missing or broken inventory, that it should be replaced with equally or better items or financially restored.

Now we are hunting for alternatives as we will get final notice on Thursday about the first potential habitat, we need alternatives as this one seems slip out of our hands. Short term rental market are pretty small – we have asked around and got anything from 8500kr/month to 95000kr/month, so the span is pretty wide, and ranging from unfurnished rooms to rental flats and hotels. Professional rental flat company is asking for 14000kr/month for a regular flat with bunk beds as their budget option, doubling cost would give a regular flat, 28000kr/month.