We are leaving Home Base B19

Yup! As there were some discussions about when we should move, we made the decision to leave. Early. A whole month early. As we had been aiming to leave the house in the end of august .. but it became end of july, because reasons.

So, we’re entering a nomadic lifestyle for the next two months, first to “Habitat L” which is in Eskilstuna, as our son still has daycare close to previous home base. HabL is located just about across Eskilstuna (along the same bus lane) and will require some travelling when dropping off and fetching the son at daycare, but it is by bus and our son loves buses. Later on we will move to a yet unknown location in Västerås, as we are still finalizing the details and negotiating terms and contracts we really do not know where we will end up during September, but as it is about a month away, we have some time to straighten out some question marks.

Tomorrow we are going to move most of our belongings to storage, everything that previously were spread over 5 rooms and 119 square meters, is now boxed up and ready (almost) to be transported to storage. We reduced the amount of things pretty hard, everything we hadn’t used during the last 6 months were a candidate for elimination, many things were tossed/discarded as we has dupes and for some other reasons. We are up to about 30 boxes and a few big items, like shelves and beds as well as our home office desk.
Friday we have a catch-up round, stuff that was needed during the night between thursday and friday will be gathered and transported to storage, in the evening of friday we will pick up the keys to HabL and install ourselves into our temporary home, all 40 square meters of it.

I will try to post more and often, during our nomadic period.