Thought: A WPS-owner-upper with Tweets and Google Maps

I’ve been playing with this thought for a while, I do not have the skill set or the RaspberryPi necessary to actually put this into play. Yet.

A smallish board of Raspberry (I or II+) size together with a (few) USB WiFi High Powered dongle(s) and some piece of coding, the Blackjack attack could be used. With only 18 packets over the air, you could essentially get WPA/WPA2 passwords for each WPS-enabled device you could stumble across within seconds, there is a lot of them out there since most broadband router manufacturer thinks that WPS is the shit (and also reduces the pressure on their support).

What would be needed?

  • RaspberryPi or similar.
  • High-powered WiFi USB-dongles
  • Battery-pack to run devices off-grid, like in a backpack.
  • Airsnort-ng, Reaver and a few other packages
  • 3G/LTE USB-dongle for internet access

Anyone with a little time and effort could pull this off, as the equipment is cheap and available, the software is free and the desire to hack is endless.