HTC Magic, .. and why I probably won’t buy another HTC phone.

I searched a while for a real email address to come in contact with the support department at HTC. No such luck. The following email bounced, there seems to be no way to actually use email to contact HTC, unless you use the silly forms on their web site.

sender-time: Sent at 18:49 (GMT+01:00).
date: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 18:49
subject: HTC Magic, Android Updates and the lack there of..


I’m a customer, I bought one of your devices. Everything has been
working well, until the day I updated my phone with the HTC Sense ROM
you provided for Nordic users. Since that day, my phone have been
sluggish and laggy. I’ve been hoping that you would release an update
soon, as Hero users has gotten updates, as well as Upgrades to Android
2.x versions. I’ve been watching this in belief that this would hit
Magic users too ..

As a friend rooted and upgraded his HTC Magic to Android 2.x with
Cyanogens ROMs, I thought about it as a last resort, thinking “what if
HTC never releases any more ROMs for the Magic, then perhaps”.

Then I heard that HTC released an updated ROM (with Android 2.1) for
the HTC Magic (the Sapphire 32A-kind, exactly as mine) for Rogers in
Canada. Why hasn’t this updated ROM been rolled into a Nordic flavor?
Why is it Canada-only?

I’m at the end of my contract and will soon get a new phone, however,
if HTC won’t provide an update for us (the early adopters who bought
the HTC Magic) then HTC won’t be on the list of brands I’ll be
choosing between for the next phone. I’d also discourage friends from
buying HTC phones — “they never update”.

This is not a threat, it’s a promise.

Regards from a once happy HTC Magic owner,

Christopher Isene, Sweden, Europe