Firmware upgrading an old Linksys WRT54GL

home network

I have a pretty simple network at home and internet services are provided through a ethernet TP/RJ-45 jack in the hallway where no computers are located we put the blue boxes in a cupboard. The office, a few meters away is connected over wifi via an extender which also converts to wired ethernet.

This morning I checked if there were any firmware updates available for the Linksys WRT54GL v1.1, which had firmware version 4.30.14 or lower dated pre-2015, there was a more recent update from the Linksys updates pages, at version 4.30.17 (ETSI) for hardware version 1.1.

Downloaded it and flashed it, waited for the device to come back up … it never came up.

Moved it into the office and hooked it up directly to the small wired network and were able to reach it, reconfigured some bits and restarted it a few times. The radio/wifi part seems to be dead after the upgrade but everything else works. Finalized the reconfiguration and shut it down, moved it back to the cupboard in hope of having shaken up the bits in the box enough to have it working again. Radio/wifi still dead.

Rumbled through a few boxes and dug up the other Linksys WRT54GL, connected it in parallel with the other one and added a wire between them to bridge them together. It’s almost back to a state before the upgrade attempt, except the radio and wifi.

To Linksys: please spin out a new update, so I can revive the wifi. I’m holding back update of the secondary device until you have done this.

Update: I contacted the Linksys support through their chat option, chatted with a technician for about 15 minutes and it got solved! The solution was embarrassingly simple; toggle the channel from 11 to 4 .. SSID appeared and when connected I had internet access. I had tried that several times, even with cold restarts in between. Well, now happy customer. This WRT54GL box was bought in 2007 and I could still get support for it, serial number was legit and in their rolls.

Inte så lyckad uppdatering

Jag uppdaterade min SonyEricsson W810i idag med ny firmware, de vanliga uppdateringarna som den letar efter ibland har inte synts till på säkert ett år så jag laddade ner Update Service och kollade och visst fanns det uppdatering.

Jag hade lite bråttom och orkade inte installera SonyEricsson Phone Suit för att backa upp telefonboken, vilket i efterhand känns ganska dumt, för jag har inte många nummer kvar i luren efter uppdateringen. Ja, jag klickade förbi alla frågor om jag verkligen hade backat upp allt nödvändigt, fort och fel.

De få nummer jag har kvar, är de jag minns och kan utantill och sedan en skvätt gamla nummer som låg på SIM-kortet, inte helt aktuella nummer.

Det jag inte tänkte på alls var att även inställningarna för TeliaSurfPort (Internet-inställningar) försvann, så när jag fick ett VCard från Patrik med hans nya nummer så kunde jag inte få ner det från nätet.

Klåp, klåp. Man lär sig så länge man lever.