Idea dump: Arduino ESP8266 – WIFI Beacon Attacker

Update 2016-11-12: I wrote a piece about ESPduino – Improbinator where much of the ideas were implemented, there is also a Github repo at Improbinator where you find the code.

I accidentally bought an Arduino ONE R3 for cheaps and had no project to use it in, so I toyed around with different ideas and this hit me while taking my son for a walk.

This assumes a few things:

  • ESP8266 has ways to generate (custom) beacon frames
  • 1+N ESP8266 is possible to connecto to Arduino ONE

Use an Arduino + ESP8266 + SDCard shield, to emit lots of beacon frames and keep iterating them for a set period of time, to imitate or mimic real phones moving around in an area. MAC addresses randomized from a table of 24bit OUI prefixes of popular makes/brands and the remaining 24 bits random.

As my brain seems to work a bit different, I tend to strive for edge-cases, to over optimize and extend beyond limits – I don’t even know if it’s possible with the hardware combination to attach a second or even a third ESP8266 board to an Arduino ONE R3, or if it’s possible to drive two or three shields through software/electronics.

With one, two or three ESP8266, I imagine having as many buffers with lists of pre-generated MAC addresses to run through and broadcast beacons, depth of lists TBD. OUI prefixes would be stored on SDCard and I already have the data, both from OUI prefix list and collected data from the last 5+ years of War-walking.

If outfits like Libelium are making devices for identifying customers in stores/gallerias/malls and can even identify the type of smartphone – we could throw some dirt into their machinery, as we could generate beacons with MAC addresses for devices based on statistics from collected data. No harm would be done as they are generated and only “visible” in a small physical “bubble” for a limited time, even with the possibility that a generated MAC address would clash with a real MAC address in the same area, it would not be any long term effects.

The build would be cased in acrylic, either a stock box with modification for sheild(s) or complete custom. Powerbanks of 10000mAh (or more) @ 5V to run it off-grid/backpack.

Pry-fi by Chainfire on XDA-Developers.

Frustration och julångest

Frustrationen består i att jag just nu försöker få ett recept förnyat, då behöver min nya vårdcentral min journal. Min journal är “fast” i ett annat landstings journalsystem, så de (det gamla landstinget) föreslog att jag skulle ta ut ett utdrag ur min journal, transportera det på döda träd för att låta den nya vårdcentralen i det nya landstinget digitalisera det som skrivits ut på de döda träden.

Nu har jag pratat med den gamla vårdcentralen, som bekräftade att min journal inte alls var låst som den nya vårdcentralen hade sagt, men att det kan vara så att de olika landstingens journalsystem inte pratar samma språk och därmed kan man inte flytta en journal på annat sätt än att göra en analog kopia i ena änden, transportera den fysiskt ~40 kilometer för att sedan göra om in formationen från analog till digital igen i det andra journalsystemet.

Som integrationskonsult så skapar det här problemet våldsam klåda.

Jag sitter och vänder och vrider på orden, det kommer ut mycket och många fula ord jag vill använda, skriver i affekt.


Sedan minns jag varför jag har ett jobb, jag skapar och underhåller integrationer där man löser problem som dessa, skyfflar data mellan system.

Julångesten kryper på när man rör sig i stan och det är 3 gånger så många människor i omlopp, alla med det där jagade i blicken, “måste hitta den perfekta klappen”. Jag försöker behålla lugnet men påverkas, som tur är pågår detta endast ett par dagar till, sedan infinner sig post-jul och pre-födelsedagar som i sig är en stressfaktor.

Update 2015-12-23:
En sköterska från den nya vårdcentralen ringde idag och frågade om medicin och dos, svarade och gav kort bakgrund, hon skrev ut den medicin jag behövde. Känns lite som att den nya vårdcentralen och jag kommer ha ett bra förhållande.

Self promotion

I’ve been working a little on my site, adding sections and filling them out with contents, Contact is how to contact me, Current and Past is about jobs I currently hold or have previously had and Skills is short blurbs about what I have achieved some sort of skill in and brief information about what I have used it for.

I don’t really have an idea about what to do with the domain, besides filling it with some relevant content. It might be useless at the moment but may become useful some day.

Some day I might migrate all the contents here to as the current isn’t really relevant any more, since B19 was a short name for Blåklocksvägen 19, our previous address. I have tried to move MediaCreeper off the domain, there is probably a few who still link the old location but I gave them some 5 years sun-down period to moving to the “new” location.
I dunno.
Time will tell.


Update (2016-02-24): Several months later this single post has generated well over 5000 hits alone, but only a few on the promoted site that I linked. Makes me wonder if I hit some magic combination of words that drives all these visitors here. is still there.

Yeah, I got this domain a while ago, about a year to be specific and as it was about to expire or get renewed, I renewed it and decided to have it pointing at something, so I got some web space and put up a simple presentation site for myself.

It’s supposed to catch the ones googling me, either read up about me or just find contact information.

So I’m going to reduce the information about myself here and let the new domain get those hits.

The long journey is over

We have landed, moved in and have started to build and form our new home. Some furniture is scattered around the apartment as we had to ditch and throw most of what we had due to time and space constraints when evacuating the house in end of July. We have a few essential items though, beds for everyone, kitchen table, two bookshelves and a desk, some cooking equipment but no plates or deep dishes, which makes meals a bit of an adventure.

I’ve just shared a long list of items to look for and get for the apartment, things like vacuum cleaner, rugs, cleaning equipment and light armatures. When we moved in, the previous owner had taken down and brought with them all but one ceiling electrical box lids with connectors, been through a few stores looking for this type of lid, hearing that they stopped carrying this particular type a few years ago, I’ve seen the correct type, I held it, sniffed it but could not justify 175 SEK each for myself, similar lids though not exactly like the one I’m looking for is about 35 SEK.

It feels so good to know that we are going to stay, that we don’t need to pack everything up and move to yet a temporary accommodation, we are done with that part. I heard someone say that a hotel stay would be fun and nice, I’m f’ing bored with it, the only positive with staying at a hotel is clean towels whenever you want and perhaps no-effort breakfasts, all served. But still, boring.

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, looking around, listening, can’t hear any neighbors, no sounds from the yard between the houses, just the low hum of the ventilation system. Thinking about the last two months, the struggle, how we kept ourselves sane by thinking ahead of what would come, how to juggle everything and make the pieces fit in our puzzle. The biggest scare was when the shower wall broke and I saw for my inner self that the land lord would charge us a hefty amount for it and felt really bad, it could have shot down our budget completely, but instead they trusted us and thought it might have been installed incorrectly. Another moment was when I helped M come to terms with her computer, gave her a few nifty tips on how to do stuff and helped restore and backup “lost” pictures, she was really happy when she understood that her pictures from her computer were accessible in her phone and all pictures she shoot will be saved online, even told her that she could lose both computer and phone and the pictures would still be safe.

The journey was long but we came home, a new home.

Home base FLV5, Day 58

Touch down!
Today we moved in. The moving company called just before 11 when I was at work and I went down to the entrance to meet them, hand over keys and instructions. I left the office at about 12, met with wife in the apartment and the went to fetch our last remaining items from Habitat B. Got there and gathered our stuff, with help from our cohabitant we got the stuff transported to the apartment.

Out of about 40 boxes, we have killed about 8 this far, beds and kitchen table assembled and temporary light fixtures are up.

Unpacking after two months is a bit like Christmas, open a box and find stuff you need, that was almost forgotten.

Noticed lots of small stuff missing, started lists of things to get.

Long day, woke up at Habitat B, went to work, go to Home Base FLV5, go to Habitat B and back, unpack and shuffle things around. Now in bed, sore feet but happy, we have landed.

Hab B, Day 57

Today we got the keys!

We took a moment to look around and get a feel for the apartment, went across town for IKEA, spent about 2 hours touring IKEA for this-and-that, mostly looking at stuff, inspiration. Escaped with only 1200 on the receipt, which could be considered pretty low.

Went back to the apartment to dump the stuff, have another look, replaced a dead light bulb (actually a low energy spiral bulb) with a LED dito. We needed to eat something so we went o a nearby center and had pizza and kebab, the son ate pasta carbonara. Copied post box key.

Hab B, Day 55

Today we signed all the papers.

We finalized the papers with the broker and as soon the seller has signed, the papers are going to the bank for processing, settling the deal.

At the bank we signed yet more paperwork to finalize the loan, prepare everything for tomorrow, when the signed contract arrives.

In the end, we are going to get the keys to our new apartment at earliest tomorrow evening or Saturday, when the seller has moved out and the apartment has been cleaned.

Talked to parents and invited them to come and check out the apartment after we have moved in, that would be anytime after Monday lunch, as that was the the first possible slot we could get with the moving company. Stuff stored at parents place could be moved as soon as next weekend, servers, bicycles and pram among things.

Our Internet’s will be up and running from day one as we arranged with the ISP to have it connected as soon as previous habitant is disconnected. We even have the intarwebs router waiting on location, since we visited earlier in the summer.

It’s gonna be nice to have our own space again, living in a knapsack since beginning of August in 4 different locations, shelling out something in the neighborhood of 20000 SEK for just housing and accommodation, other costs increased as well because of not being able to cook and freeze or even stuff ingredients into freezer.

We iz happsy!

Hab B, Day 53

There is some movement in the planning of moving into the apartment; seller has stated to move out and clean the 25th September, broker is very eager to finalize and close the deal with payment.

I have an appointment with the bank on the 28th.

Trying to reach out to the bank to reschedule the appointment to this week, if successful we might move in Friday 25th or some day next week, as we are going to use a moving company I need a firm date to plan around, at the moment everything is sliding towards next week.

Feeling stressed, squashed between the wish and strive to move in and the knowledge that the bank could delay the whole moving machinery til next week.