The long journey is over

We have landed, moved in and have started to build and form our new home. Some furniture is scattered around the apartment as we had to ditch and throw most of what we had due to time and space constraints when evacuating the house in end of July. We have a few essential items though, beds for everyone, kitchen table, two bookshelves and a desk, some cooking equipment but no plates or deep dishes, which makes meals a bit of an adventure.

I’ve just shared a long list of items to look for and get for the apartment, things like vacuum cleaner, rugs, cleaning equipment and light armatures. When we moved in, the previous owner had taken down and brought with them all but one ceiling electrical box lids with connectors, been through a few stores looking for this type of lid, hearing that they stopped carrying this particular type a few years ago, I’ve seen the correct type, I held it, sniffed it but could not justify 175 SEK each for myself, similar lids though not exactly like the one I’m looking for is about 35 SEK.

It feels so good to know that we are going to stay, that we don’t need to pack everything up and move to yet a temporary accommodation, we are done with that part. I heard someone say that a hotel stay would be fun and nice, I’m f’ing bored with it, the only positive with staying at a hotel is clean towels whenever you want and perhaps no-effort breakfasts, all served. But still, boring.

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, looking around, listening, can’t hear any neighbors, no sounds from the yard between the houses, just the low hum of the ventilation system. Thinking about the last two months, the struggle, how we kept ourselves sane by thinking ahead of what would come, how to juggle everything and make the pieces fit in our puzzle. The biggest scare was when the shower wall broke and I saw for my inner self that the land lord would charge us a hefty amount for it and felt really bad, it could have shot down our budget completely, but instead they trusted us and thought it might have been installed incorrectly. Another moment was when I helped M come to terms with her computer, gave her a few nifty tips on how to do stuff and helped restore and backup “lost” pictures, she was really happy when she understood that her pictures from her computer were accessible in her phone and all pictures she shoot will be saved online, even told her that she could lose both computer and phone and the pictures would still be safe.

The journey was long but we came home, a new home.

Home base FLV5, Day 58

Touch down!
Today we moved in. The moving company called just before 11 when I was at work and I went down to the entrance to meet them, hand over keys and instructions. I left the office at about 12, met with wife in the apartment and the went to fetch our last remaining items from Habitat B. Got there and gathered our stuff, with help from our cohabitant we got the stuff transported to the apartment.

Out of about 40 boxes, we have killed about 8 this far, beds and kitchen table assembled and temporary light fixtures are up.

Unpacking after two months is a bit like Christmas, open a box and find stuff you need, that was almost forgotten.

Noticed lots of small stuff missing, started lists of things to get.

Long day, woke up at Habitat B, went to work, go to Home Base FLV5, go to Habitat B and back, unpack and shuffle things around. Now in bed, sore feet but happy, we have landed.

Hab B, Day 57

Today we got the keys!

We took a moment to look around and get a feel for the apartment, went across town for IKEA, spent about 2 hours touring IKEA for this-and-that, mostly looking at stuff, inspiration. Escaped with only 1200 on the receipt, which could be considered pretty low.

Went back to the apartment to dump the stuff, have another look, replaced a dead light bulb (actually a low energy spiral bulb) with a LED dito. We needed to eat something so we went o a nearby center and had pizza and kebab, the son ate pasta carbonara. Copied post box key.

Hab B, Day 32

At Habitat B now, son has been showered and put to bed. We are sharing a small house with another tenant, we have two rooms, one slightly larger than the other.

I think this will be good, but I still want to fast forward the month, so we can move in to our new apartment, home base FLV5.

Had introduction day at the daycare center this morning, son stepped into the crowd and started to play with the other kids, no hesitation. I’m sure he will be fine. The staff seems to be nice.

We’re thinking about to hire a company to fetch and carry all our stuff to our apartment when it’s time to move in – would be worth a lot to have it done for us, I was sore for several days after we moved all the stuff to storage. Then we had no stairs to traverse up and down, we do now.

Hab X, Day 31

Back to work and first day as a Västerås city dweller, feels good and we are enjoying the city, but we are living in a smallish hotel room all three of us, son is not always happy with the cramped conditions. The room is pretty much a few square meters of naked floor, small couch (from where I write this), a wall hanged desk, a tv and two regular sized beds, son sleeps in a travel baby bed, we also have a nice large balcony with view of a central street below and the entrance of a shopping center across the street.

Tomorrow afternoon we can check in at Habitat B, where we can stay til Friday afternoon as it had been booked, we either go back to Habitat X or go to a yet unknown location to stay over the weekend, after the weekend we can move back to Habitat B and stay for the reminder of the month.

Tomorrow is also introduction day for our son at his new daycare center, it’s located about 200 meters from our (future) Home Base FLV5. We both need to attend as it is introduction for us as well for the son, to get to know the staff and they get to know us.

Hab L, Day 29

Today we visited the Thai festival at Strömsholmen in Eskilstuna, where the local Buddhist temple arranged the festivities. Food, beverages, candy and fruit. Lots of smiles. Met a few friends which I didn’t knew they had Thai girlfriends or wifes, fun and such.

Last night in Eskilstuna, tomorrow we check out from Habitat L, with or without extra fees or restoration costs. After checkout we’re going to Västerås, to Habitat B, to dump/store some of our bags and boxes, then transport to Habitat X, a hotel where we need to stay before our room becomes available at Hab B the 1st of September. The weekend 4 to 6 September we need to go back to Hab X to spend the weekend away from Hab B, as it was booked since before, everything is booked that weekend in Västerås, as there is some convention, conference or similar going on that weekend. After that weekend there is no deviations from the path towards our new home base FLV5.

Got a call from new owners of home base B19, we got mail so we’re going to meet up tomorrow to get it.

So our last month living in a knapsack has been solved, accommodation-wise, as it looks right now. We busted the budget, exceeded the accommodation budget as we hadn’t expected to stay at hotel, but costs are within reasonable boundaries.

Pinged land lord to get an idea about how and when he would show up tomorrow, to plan the events of tomorrow and when to exit Eskilstuna.

First day at Habitat L

Last night we arrived to Habitat L, tired and bruised from carrying boxes and trash. We pretty much defragmented and compressed our belongings from 120 square meters into 12 square meters, the 12 square meters are the storage unit we rented to hold our stuff until we can move in at the new Home base FLV5.

HabL is about 40 square meters, furniture, kitchen, couch and a small TV, enough to get by for a month. Nothing fancy, just somewhere to sleep pretty much.

Handed over keys for Home base B19 to new owners today, took a few hours before first call, as expected .. complaints about the cleaning, but I told them they got a very good deal for the house, we met their demand for earlier (than originally negotiated) access and we even told them that we would just do light cleaning as in sweeping floors and do bathroom and toilets, as they said that they would do renovation.

Yesterday we went to trash everything that didn’t made it in the runs for the storage unit, two runs for storage unit and two to the junkyard, I trashed lots of things I’d like to keep but we had no time or place for the things. Slight helplessness and depression, valued belongings got tossed, feeling naked.

HabL is ok, but I already found a few thing I’m gonna suggest for the land lord to fix and/or adjust. Bathroom shower floor has the wrong slope, or lack of slope of the tile floor, newly renovated so it will probably not be fixed any time soon – a squeege to vacate the water on the floor after showering. The fridge is bubbling quite loudly and the fridge compressor is loud too. That is about it for now.

Tonight we also got notice from the potential habitat we scouted earlier, they got notice from land lords that they wanted to renovate the apartment while the family stays in the apartment, by that the window closes for us as we would sublet their apartment after they moved out where they would end up with double rent for a month.

Yet another potential habitat just backed out of negotiations, they wanted monthly rent + (2 * rent) for deposition (the total amount surpassed a regular persons monthly salary), informed them that deposition is sneaky and cheap as we rented an apartment without deposition but had a clause in the contract stipulating the rules for missing or broken inventory, that it should be replaced with equally or better items or financially restored.

Now we are hunting for alternatives as we will get final notice on Thursday about the first potential habitat, we need alternatives as this one seems slip out of our hands. Short term rental market are pretty small – we have asked around and got anything from 8500kr/month to 95000kr/month, so the span is pretty wide, and ranging from unfurnished rooms to rental flats and hotels. Professional rental flat company is asking for 14000kr/month for a regular flat with bunk beds as their budget option, doubling cost would give a regular flat, 28000kr/month.