Hab B, Day 34

Zombie today. Slept beside son, he tosses and turns though the night. Thinking about changing Habitat B for something else as it’s cramped for space, kitchen access, access to laundry room. Alternative is not cheap, hotel room for 3 weeks. We need to move out of Habitat B tomorrow afternoon, Habitat X over the weekend

Hab B, Day 33

Busy day at the office, met wife and son for lunch. Late afternoon I started scripting and lost track of time and left the office about 45 minutes late. Clocked my walk back to Habitat B from the bus stop, pretty much the same time as this morning, 12 – 15 minutes walk. Followed up

Hab L, Day 27

Was away on conference during the day, went home after all the days activities were done, all colleagues were staying and have a really interesting event tonight, a NASA-led event where real-time stream of data is visualized inside a large dome at the Swedish Visualizing Center in Norrköping. Tonight I paid for the stay at