Hab B, Day 46

This morning I met with our seller, the lady we bought the apartment from, to fetch laundry room key and some mail. She drove me down town and we talk about moving in and out from our separate perspectives, she can’t get into her new apartment because the elderly couple she bought her apartment from were slow about moving out and into their new apartment, there was something about some walk in closet to be built before they could move in and such. I told her about our plan to hire a company to move our stuff in as soon as her stuff is moved out and the apartment has been cleaned properly, we would just need the bed to be in place and assembled to sleep in our new apartment the first night.SFD98C86789431042838FA0F413C0620D23_920x

The other stuff we could unpack and arrange during several weeks .. or days, whichever comes first. Our 40-ish boxes and assorted stuff won’t take that long to unpack.

A bank employee called today, to arrange a meeting .. the thing is that they called last week to arrange a meeting. When I told that I already had an an appointment the phone call went sideways, the person started talk with colleagues and came back to the call briefly, said goodbye and forgot to hang up, still talking about the confusing situation.

Emailed yet another moving company yesterday, still waiting for a reply .. or reaction. As the quotation form on their homepage didn’t fit my needs, it didn’t have any options for entering storage as origin or describing items or amount of boxes. At the moment we only got one quotation, at a somewhat fair rate.