Hab L, Day 8

Woke up really early due to a jumpy little boy who woke up 06:20-ish. Changes diaper and fed him and put him back to bed, went back to bed and woke up again about 2 hours later, then eating breakfast and having a cup of coffee.

Beef soup
Beef soup

Lynn went to meet with new owners, they are collecting our mail as the redirect at the postal service hasn’t kicked in yet, some bills but also some package notice, for someone with a similar name but the wrong address, gonna call the old neighbors to check if the know who it might be, don’t know them so it might be one of their daughters boy friends or something, I don’t remember ordering anything and aren’t expecting any packages.

We walked into town and went to SKVF, Swedish Chinese- Vietnamese Association of Eskilstuna, I was full but Lynn and Marcus had some to eat, Duck soup and Beef soup, I went for a Vietnamese coffee. With some bellies filled with food and others with coffee, we went on to Asian shop for groceries and other necessities. Walked around for a while in town, as the Park Festival vendors had their stands with stuff of assorted kinds, let Marcus push the pram to burn off some of his energy, he screams and tries to fend off our hands when we try to steer the pram between people and becomes irritated with us as we are trying to avoid collisions.

Back at the hab we put Marcus to bed and started preparing dinner, let Marcus sleep for about an hour before waking him up, slightly groggy he gobbled down rice and and some meat while we had red curry beef with coconut sauce. Some post-dinner cuddle with his favorite videos before a short visit to the nearby playground were we played with the slide and swing set, went back to hab for a swift shower, a bottle of gruel, brushing teeth and nite-nite. Little boy were very tired and complained for a few minutes, left the room for a few minutes and he was sleeping when I looked.

The hab offers nothing much to do other than cooking and sleeping, we brought tablets and laptops to be able to work and play.

Saturday night, we’re sitting hunched over a laptop each, I’m watching some movie with Russel Crowe and Lynn is doing some homework, English assessment or essay I think.